Gingis M.I. - deputy chief technologist in RD-214


Chernobaev N.E. - Deputy chief metallurgist on RD-214


Plaksin Yu.D. - Leading constructor of RD

ОАО «Протон-ПМ»


1958Beginning of production of the Perm rocket engines

The production of the first rocket engines in Perm is generally considered to date back to March 12, 1958 when Perm’s division of the Soviet council of national economy came up with a special order regarding the introduction of a liquid propellant rocket engine department at I.V. Stalin Plant No. 19. This same order stated that the division was to be run by S.F. Sigaev,
M.I. Gindis, N.E. Chernobaev, Yu.D. Plaksin, and S.G. Timchenko.

     Gingis M.I.     Chernobaev N.E.    Plaksin Yu.D.

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