ОАО «Протон-ПМ»



The company’s employees have every reason to be proud of their contribution to the creation of Proton LV that has been declared the world’s most reliable space transportation system. Over 370 launches have been performed by 2011. Proton was used for bringing Cosmos, Raduga, Ekran, Gorizont, Almaz, GLONASS, Express, and similar types of satellites onto the low earth orbit as well as for launching such space vehicles as Anik F1R, Direct TV8, WorldSat-2, Hot Bird 8, and Arabsat 4A. In addition, some automatic interplanetary stations (e.g. Luna, Venera, Mars, Vega, and Phobos) were brought onto their interplanetary trajectories and Salut and Mir manned orbital stations and modules of the International Space Station were launched with the help of Proton LVs.

Nowadays, the following companies entrust their satellites to Proton-PMs engines:

1. The Federal Space Agency/Roscosmos;

2. Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (the globally recognized aerospace engineering producer);

3. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;

4. RAO Gazprom;

5. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation;

6. A number of foreign enterprises.

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