ОАО «Протон-ПМ»

Visiting Card

Арбузов Игорь Александрович_новаяIn 2008 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of rocket engine production in Perm Territory. Over the decades, the business turned from a division of Perm motor-building plant named after Y.M/ Sverdlov into an independent company and one of Russia’s greatest and fastest-growing aerospace industry enterprises known as Proton - Perm Motors. I am positive our joint stock company is bound to remain a leader on the aerospace market as well as support Russia’s leadership in the exploration of the Universe in the foreseeable future.

Our company can take pride in its workers and experts, whose talent and industriousness inspire the creation of unique products for our key customer: Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center. Proton supplies the enterprise with RD-276 liquid propellant rocket engines used as a power unit of the first-stage of launch vehicle Proton and its modified versions.

Our engines meet the modern global standards, which is only logical, as Proton-PM values its brand greatly and makes sure upgrading and renovation are an integral part of the production process; every day, each employee is doing their best to meet the demands imposed on them by a special Provision on Proton-PM’s Quality Policies.

Our workers’ achievements and their contribution to the development of Russian astronautics have earned them numerous rewards. In 2005, for instance, the company was given the honorary title of the Leader of Russian Economy. In 2006, Proton-PM received an awardee diploma and a gold medal in the 7th International European Quality contest.

We are trying to improve on our success and are working hard for the company’s even more impressive future.

Apart from a serial production of Proton LV propulsion systems, the company is working on RD-191 rocket engine parts and components meant for the new Angara launch vehicle family. In addition, Proton-PM deals in making, assembling, and testing of component parts for Ural Series 2.5 to 6 MW gas-turbine power stations as part of the company’s civilian production program.  We keep on building up our production capacity, we introduce newer and more advanced technologies on regular basis, we manage to reduce our outgoings, and we do our best to make the business more investor-attractive. At the same time, we put a lot of effort into creating stronger ties with our current and potential business partners, which means we always have a great many orders on hand to work on.

Our company’s advancing progress would not be feasible without some heavy reliance on the older generation’s great experience: these are the people who witnessed the very beginning of rocket engine production. Our personnel’s continuous attempts to share as well as improve on their expertise and the current socio-economic changes have also contributed to Proton-PM’s performance efficiency.

We are grateful to all our partners for being ever-trusting, cooperative, and understanding; we hope for more extended and close cooperation in the future, as this is the way we can add to Russia’s economic prosperity.

I.A. Arbuzov
General Director
Proton-PM JSC