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Contractual and licensed production

Today OJSC “Proton-PM” enters into the market of contractual manufacturing. Using rich experience of work in aerospace industry, qualified personnel, system of quality guaranteeing, corresponding with all necessary requirements and international standards which are demanded to the manufacturing of complicated science intensive machine-building production, the enterprise is ready to organize:

  • serial manufacturing of compound science intensive machine-building production, on customer’s design documentation;
  • logistic management from purchase of materials and component parts up to shipment of production to the final consumer;
  • design control;
  • running all necessary model and full-size testing;
  • commissioning and after-sales service.

We are ready to consider ways of cooperation within works on organization contractual and licensed production of the following kinds of production:

  • energy units of low and middle capacity;
  • turbo pump units, compressors and auxiliary power units;
  • parts of aircraft engines and gas turbine units;
  • gas-turbine power stations;
  • gas pumping-over units and pump units on the basis of gas-turbine units;
  • pipeline systems;
  • castings made from stainless, high temperature, heat resistant, chemical resistant steels and alloys, as well as from base metals, aluminum in particular;
  • liquid-propellant rocket engines and their parts and articles.