Casting characteristics
Type of castingSteels and alloys usedMaximum casting dimensions, mmMaximum weight of castings, kgEstimated capacity
Steel castingStainless steels190x350x350 mm Minimum wall thickness: 3 mm30 kg (depending on castings configuration)100 tons a year
High duty stainless steels
Nickel alloys
Aluminum casting 600 x 500 x 600,
mm Wall thickness :
3-70 mm
70kg20 tons a year

Sand cores


Intricate castings made from special steels and alloys


Wax samples


Intricate castings

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Technological capabilities

Foundry production

Manufacturing of intricate castings made from non-ferrous metals, stainless, heatproof, heat- and chemically –resistant (special) steels and alloys, including positive pressure crystallization.

Intricate castings     Intricate castings made from special steels and alloys     Wax samples     Sand cores

Casting characteristics

Proton-PM has some modern equipment that makes it possible to

  1. Produce sand cores made with the help of Laempe-supplied equipment using the Cold-Box-Amin process;
  2. Provide full product cycle for cast sections:
    • prepare auxiliary materials;
    • make wax samples using a range of compounds;
    • make ceramic moulds using ethyl silicate;
    • deal in mould-baking and air- and vacuum-based mould casting;
    • clean up the gating system;
    • deal in thermal treatment of castings in an automated furnace made by IPSEN (Germany);
    • deal in mould-etching.
  3. Carry out a range of casting quality control procedures:
    • visual control;
    • luminescent control;
    • X-ray control;
    • color flaw detection;
    • controlling the chemical composition of the product;
    • controlling the mechanical properties of the product.

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