Metal cutting
Type of processingMaterial dimensionsEquipment used
Lathe machining of bar stock,   forgings, and die forgingsDiameter: up to 2,000 mm 
Length: up to 3,000 mm
Lathes, turret lathes,  turning-and-boring lathes and NC lathes
Treatment of basic partsProcessing centers
Milling, grinding, and knurling of metric threads, tapered threads, and inch threads Dimensions: up to M120 (grinding), up to M60 (knurling), up to M50 (milling)  
 Length: up to 500 mm 
Screw thread milling machines, thread-grinding machines, and  roll-threading machines
Milling treatmentDistance between spindle nose face  and main platen: 30 mm to 500 mm 
Length of platen: 1,000 mm
Width of platen: 400 mm 
Maximum longitudinal movement: 1,000 mm Maximum lateral motion: 300 mm Maximum vertical movement:  420 mm 
Milling machines, 
vertical-type milling machines, 
base-type milling machines, and  NC milling machines 
ReboringBore diameter: 110 mm to 560 mm Bore length  (per platen setting):  up to 800mm Horizontal boring mills 
Holemaking Diameter: up to 25 mm 
Depth:  up to 50 mm
Drill press machines and beam drills
Grinding of bars, rotary parts, flat surfaces and holes Length: up to  1,500 mm
Width: up to 630 mm 
Height: up to 630 mm 
Diameter: up to 600 mm 
Depth: up to 50 mm 
Surface grinding machines,  circular grinders, 
centerless grinders, and NC grinding machines
Cutting of sheet material Length: up to  3,000 мм, 
Thickness: 0.3 to 26 mm
Inclined throat shears
Cutting of rounds (bars and pipes) Bar diameter: 5 mm to 60mm 
Pipe diameter: 60 mm to 300 mm 
Detached semiautomated machine, 
Heller saw, 
Danovatt band resaw 
Cutting of channel beams, L-bars, and bronze and aluminum blocksDiameter: up to 230 mmSaw, 
Sirius band resaw 
(cutting at up to 600)
Balancing of basic parts Maximum weight: 68 kg
Maximum diameter: O508 mm 
Hofmann PCX-13.1 balancer
Processing characteristics
Type of processing Material dimensionsEquipment used
Lathe machining
Parts up to Ø 100 mm 
Kovosvit SP180  four-axis NC turning lathe   (the Czech Republic)
Lathe machining 

Parts Ø 100 mm to Ø 400 mm 

Kovosvit S80i CNC three-axis NC turning lathe (the Czech Republic)
Mill processing 

Parts Ø 100 mm to Ø 400 mm

Kovosvit MCV 754 three-axis NC mill (the Czech Republic)
Mill processing

Parts Ø 400 mm and up

HURCO VMX 64 three-axis NC mill (Germany)
Pressure processing of metals
Type of processing Material imensionsEquipment used

Cutting, bending, rolling-out, moulding,and upending of  both hot- and cold-sheet products

Thickness: 0.3 mm to 20 mm 

Toggle presses and hydraulic presses (press power: 63 tons to 1,600 tons)   

(maximum press platen dimensions: 3500х3600 mm) 

Bending of sheet products

Maximum sheet width: 1,500 mm 

Bending three-high machine  

Bending of sheet products

Length: up to 2,500 mm (on sheet bending press)  

Length of bent-off rim: up to 6 mm 

Length: up to 2,500 mm

Thickness: up to 4.5 mm

(for bending and forming machines) 

Sheet bending press (press power: 1 ton) and  bending and forming machine

Bending of pipes

Diameter: up to 63 mm

Wall thickness : up to 4 mm 

Mechanical and hydraulic pipe-bending machines

Rolling-out of seamless drawn pipes from sheet products

Wall thickness: up to 0.25 mm Diameter: 20 mm to 80 mm Length: up to 1,200 mm 

Horizontal broaching machines 

Manufacturing of welded and solid-drawn bellows

Diameter: 20 mm to 215 mm Length: up to 1,000 mm 

Number of layers: 1 to 3 

Hydroforming machines 




ОАО «Протон-ПМ»

Main page Production Technological capabilities

Technological capabilities

Metal working

Proton-PM has over 883 pieces of metal-cutting equipment. Maximum close tolerance: 0.007 mm Surface finish: Ra 0.32 (V9)


Processing characteristics

Metal cutting

Pressure processing of metals

Proton-PM’s equipment can be divided into three groups, based on the standard size of processed parts and the kind of operations needed:

  • Equipment meant for treatment of parts up to Ø100 mm;
  • Equipment meant for treatment of parts ranging from Ø 100 mm to Ø 400 mm;
  • Equipment meant for treatment of parts Ø 400 mm and up.

The enterprise has 59 pieces of pressure equipment with press power ranging from 10 tons to 1,600 tons, the 1,600-ton hydraulic press used for making large sheet-metal stamping being the most unique in terms of its capacity.

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