Thermal treatment

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Technological capabilities

Thermal treatment

  • baking;
  • normalization;
  • heat hardening;
  • drawing;
  • aging treatment;
  • subzero treatment.

Thermal treatment can be applied to both half-finished products made from steel and alloys (castings, forgings, rolled metal, etc.) and ready-made assembly units and parts. 

Thermal treatment

Equipment used for thermal treatment:

  • heat-treatment furnaces (electric furnaces with air fields or vacuum furnaces);
  • tanks (electric tanks with saline or alkaline liquid);
  • specially designed muffles and containers can be used for thermal treatment of ready-made parts and assembly units in vacuum, argon, or nitrogen).

Cooling substance: air supplied still or through blow-off. Small steel or alloy billets can be given thermal treatment with water cooling (using water tanks 1,100 х 1,140 х 1,000 mm). Saline and alkaline baths can be used for non-oxidation thermal treatment of particularly important parts (e.g. springs).

Maximum furnace dimensions: 2,500 mm, depth: 3,500 mm (depending on the purpose the furnace is used for). Maximum working temperature: up to 1,2000 С (up to 100 С imprecision is allowed, depending on the maximum working temperature used). 

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