Quality control


X-ray scanning

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Technological capabilities

Nondestructive control methods

X-ray scanning of parts made of non-metal materials, non-ferrous metals, heatproof and chemically resistant (special) steels and alloys

Quality control    X-ray scanning


Identifying the quality of welded and brazed joints,

Identifying the quality of castings in terms of embedded particles, discontinuity flaws, foreign particles, tramps, and control over inner geometry.

Part dimensions: 3,000 х 3,000 х 2,000 mm. Thickness of show-through: up to 26 mm

Types of control

  • color flaw detection (part dimensions: 3,000 х 3,000 х 2,000 mm);
  • luminescent control (part dimensions: 300 х 300 х 1,000 mm);
  • ultrasonic control of materials and joints (part dimensions: no limits)

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