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Liquid propellant rocket engines RD-276

Двигатель РД-275RD-276 rocket engine is Proton-PM’s principal product whose share in the company’s total production output comes to 75%-80%.

Proton-PM performs a full product cycle from making billets to final assembling and fire testing.

These rocket engines are made for Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, the company’s key customer and producer of Proton-M launch vehicles. The enterprise is one of the world’s largest rocket-and-space corporations that fully trusts Proton-PM’s quality system that meets all the global standards.

RD-276: Main Characteristics:

A powerful single-chambered liquid propellant rocket engine.

A six-piece set is used at the first-stage launcher as part of propulsion systems for Proton-M heavy-type launch vehicle.

Reliability coefficient: 0.998

Development engineer: V.P. Glushko Energomash Scientific Production Association (Khimki, Moscow Region)

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