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Gas-turbine power stations

The enterprise has an up-to-date assembly and testing complex for gas-turbine power stations consisting of the following parts:

  • Assembling department;

  • Gas-turbine power station testing site;

  • Large-dimensioned metalwork production facility;

  • Conveying railway spur.

The complex potential:

  • Can be used for making certain modules and systems of gas-turbine power stations, gas-compressor units, gas-turbine pumping units, and other kinds of power engineering equipment;

  • Can be used for assembling gas-turbine power stations and gas-turbine pumping units;

  • Can be used for dummy tests and full-scale field trials of gas-turbine power stations, gas-turbine pumping units, and auxiliary power units.

The gas-turbine power station testing site was designed for controlling the quality of the assembling and installation process and for gas-turbine power stations acceptance tests. The testing site makes it possible to carry out all the tests and adjust all the settings right on the premises of a producer factory, which means that the power stations are much better prepared for operation and that considerably less time and money can be spent on commissioning and start-up.

Major projects:

1. Input services targeted at production of gas-turbine power stations and testing of Ural Series gas-turbine power stations:

  • Ural-2500 gas-turbine power station (2.55 MW/ 5.82 Gcal per hour),

  • Ural-4000 gas-turbine power station (4.13 MW/ 8.3 Gcal per hour),

  • Ural-6000 gas-turbine power station (6.14 MW/ 11.44 Gcal per hour),

  • GTES-16PA gas-turbine power station (16.3 MW/ 19.48 Gcal per hour),

  • GTES-25P gas-turbine power station (23.0 MW/ 26.1 Gcal per hour).

Proton-PM deals in coordinating the power-station production teamwork. 
Development engineer and customer: OJSC “Aviadvigatel”

2. Manufacturing of component parts and assembly units and full-scale testing of Ural- 6000 gas-turbine pumping units using Aviadvigatels design documentation and by their order.

3. Production of support systems for gas-compressor units GPA-10 DKS, GPA-10 PHG, GPA-12, GPA-12/16, GPA-16, and GPA-16 DKS.

Development engineer and customer: Iskra Scientific Production Association

The enterprise deals in manufacturing of:

  • Oil supply systems;

  • Gas systems;

  • Breather systems;

  • Gas-supplying systems for dry-sealed areas;

  • Pressurizer air inlet systems;

  • Hydraulic tank compartments;

  • Data transmitter and assembly cabinets;

  • Cable goods;

  • Pipelines and pipeline fittings;

  • Expansion joints;

  • Oil and gas filters and other filter types.

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