ОАО «Протон-ПМ»



Technical upgrading of the enterprise

Proton-PM started its five-year technical upgrading program in 2007.
This business development program is targeted at enhancing the company’s technical competitiveness and making sure Proton-PM manages to enter the contract manufacturing market of complex, science-intensive machine-building produce.
Investments are mostly meant for replacing the company’s machinery with some newer equipment, improving the performance of the corporate foundry, and upgrading the enterprise’s measuring tools.

Improvements in the field of machining production are aimed at the following:
- enhancing the overall technological sustainability of the company’s production process;
- reducing the number of product cycles for component parts and assembly units;
- making the cost of and the time needed for preproduction go down;
-cutting down on prime cost through making the machining process more productive.

Improvements in the field of foundry production are based upon three major principles:
1. Processing of cast sections must meet the requirements imposed in the field of rocket and aircraft  engine production, that is, this processing must be made infallible enough for extremely complex items of outstanding operational reliability.
2. A great degree of mechanization needs to be employed at all the major processing stages, leading to a dramatic decrease in the labor intensity of the manufacturing process.
3. The company should try and use the expensive basic and ancillary materials more efficiently as well as use less energy coming from a variety of sources.

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