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Creation of the assembly-and-testing production of gas-turbine power stations

Since 90-ies, the enterprise actively takes part in works on production of gas-turbine power stations. Production of wide range of pipeline systems, filters and compensators has been mastered. On the base of the testing complex, equipped with up-to-date systems of control of space, aircraft and ground production, up-to-date highly effective assembly-and-testing production of gas – turbine power stations (GTPS) was created.
Production of gas-turbine power stations with capacity of 2.5-25 MW is organized at the enterprise.
In 2006 testing stand for running full-scale testing of gas-turbine power stations was put into operation. The stand is meant to control quality of the assembly, mounting and acceptance tests of GTPS. The stand allows carrying all necessary testing and tooling of the GTPS directly at the manufacturer’s factory, that guarantees high quality of GTPS assembly. Such approach in work, considerably reduces time of starting-up and adjustment at the place, it is especially important for companies of oil and gas industry, working in weather conditions of North and export deliveries.

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